Who is Madeleine Bougé?

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Advisory Board Member at INTERLACED — 1 January 2015

Advisory Board Member at INTERLACED

INTERLACED is a brand new startup that is bridging the gap between entrepreneurs, corporations & consumers, academia for the next wave of fashion.

Through insightful events, industry reports, educational activities and news content, INTERLACED bridges the gap between the industry, academia and the wider public by bringing them together and acting as a catalyst for consumer adoption of smart fashion.

The first event, INTERLACED 2015, happened on September 3rd,2015. It was a meeting of around 200 minds, talents, creators and innovators shaping the future of fashion through technology. The programme aimed to inspire, educate, communicate and showcase the latest developments in fashion and technology of English pionneer of the industry like Cutecircuit, Moritz Waldemeyer, Wonderluk and Ada + Nik.

+ Supported the international development of the start-up and its actions.
+ Consulted on the strategy to adopt and the actions to take.
+ Communicated about the start-up evolution, events and successes around me.
+ Leverage the network.

January 2015 – September 2015